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Ifigenia Christodoulidou-Kefalogianni is a contemporary Greek artist and an art consultant. Since 2015 she has had 5 solo exhibitions and has participated in three international and several group greek exhibitions. Many of her artworks are in private greek and international collections. 


Alongside her artistic endeavors, she has worked for many years in corporate environments in executive positions. Her extensive business experience, combined with her knowledge of the online art market allowed her to start an art consulting business and succesfully run it since 2013.


She has studied painting for many years alongside established artists. She also holds an MSc in Work Psychology (UCL), a Diploma in Educational Psychology (UCL) and a degree in Psychology (NKUA).

In praise of imperfection

In my artistic exploration, I derive immense beauty from objects and scenes that often go unnoticed by most. I am captivated by the allure of weathered doors and walls, where layers of peeling paint unveil glimpses of the past, of vintage items with decaying finishes and rough textures and of the rusty surfaces of abandoned ships in shipyards... All of these hold a profound fascination for me, beckoning me to embrace their inherent charm.

Throughout my creative journey, I have ventured into diverse artistic forms, embracing painting, photography, collage, and ceramics. 

Constantly experimenting with different techniques, I embrace unconventional materials such as rusty metal industrial objects, torn street posters and fragments of glass discovered along the shoreline.

These items, seemingly unremarkable to many, possess a common thread that speaks to me deeply: Although they may lack the luster of newness, their aged and imperfect nature imbues them with narratives waiting to be heard by attentive listeners.

Their rough, deconstructed, and multi-faceted surfaces exude a distinct personality—engaging, intriguing, and inspiring. It is within their rough, deconstructed, and multifaceted surfaces that these objects unveil their compelling personalities, drawing us in with their captivating allure, stirring our curiosity, and inspiring our own imaginative journeys.

It is my sincere endeavor to elicit emotional and thought-provoking responses in those who encounter my artwork. 

I aim to challenge their perceptions, inviting them to discover the profound beauty inherent in the "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete"—the very essence encapsulated by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi.

Through my creations, I aspire to ignite a dialogue, provoking contemplation and encouraging a newfound appreciation for the transcendent beauty that lies within the transient and flawed aspects of our existence.


Exhibitions & Publications


Solo exhibitions

"In praise of imperfection" 23/3-20/4/2023, Old Palace Art Gallery, Corfu, Greece

"Touch of the Sea" 22-23/12/2022, Civitel hotel, Athens, Greece

Narratives" 1-12/9/2022, Art & Culture Center, Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece
"Layers of time" 26/5-7/6 2022, Cultural center Rafina, Athens, Greece

"Time for change" 4-10/12/21- Private showroom, Athens, Greece

International Group exhibitions
"Okyalos"  7-15/7/21-Time of Art Gallery, Athens
"Art's birthplace Athina 2021" 9-14/9/21-Time of Art Gallery, Athens
"New Freedom Think" 24/3-3/4/22, M.a.d.s Gallery, Milan 


Group exhibitions
"Colors", 7-15/6/15 - Athens College of Greece
"Save the Art", 20-31/7/19
 - Art Way showroom, Athens
"Dreams of the Aegean", 22-31/8/20 - Paros Cultural centre, Cyclades
"Art Gender Female", 19-26/3/22 - Artway, Athens
"White", 12-31/7/22 - ArtZone42 Gallery, Athens
"Thalassa", 14-27/8/2022, Adamandia Gallery, Andros, Cyclades

"Kazantzakis", 22/10-11/11/2023, IMVAC, Marathon

Publications & Interviews

Interview: " (online cultural magazine) -June 2022

Cover & editorial: "EN The magazine" - June 2022

"100 contemporary Greek artist", ArtWay, 2021

"Spotlight", Contemporary Art Magazine, summer 2021 edition.

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