Ifigenia Christodoulidou is a contemporary Greek artist. She studied painting for 6 years in "Corfu Art School" under the tutorship of M. Pieris, the renowned painter. She has participated in one international and several group greek exhibitions and in 3 solo exhibitions.

Many of her artworks are in private greek and international collections.

She also holds an MSc in Work Psychology (UCL), a Diploma in Educational Psychology (UCL) and a degree in Psychology (NKUA). 



Her works narrates "once upon a time there was…" a worn out wall with peeling paint, peeling wallpaper or torn posters of past performances, an old door, an abandoned ship in the ship graveyard that rusts helplessly... Materials that were once closely associated with people, that accommodated lives, that allowed dreams to travel, that achieved goals.


In her works, Time operates as an equal artist. Time, with its many layers, aged, rusted, and apparent worthlessness, creates the substance for the material that will be sculpted, eliminated or accented, so that the true image to be expressed is revealed. 



She is inspired by Wabi sabi,  a traditional Japanese philosophy which appreciates the "flawed beauty", a beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete". She is intrigued by the sophistication of old, weathered walls and vintage objects, with decaying finishes and rough textures, where layers of paint peel away to reveal older paint underneath, creating a beautiful contrast between the lighter and darker tones.  

Based on the acceptance of the transience and imperfection of things, she transforms her works into places where time condenses and where "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty" is analyzed in its transience and brought back to new beauty, in an infinite cycle of creation and destruction.


Her signature painting style is textural abstraction and her primary medium is acrylic on canvas. Her artworks are rich in details that are not only descriptive, but also tactile, emphasizing the importance of the texture and consistency of the materials

She often also explores the world of mixed media art, using  a layered, cumulative process of collaging, sanding and repainting techniques.

In her works, used paper, old wallpaper, aged fabric and found objects blend harmoniously together with paint, creating a new, fascinating whole. 


Exhibitions & Publications


Solo exhibitions

"Time for change" 4-10/12/21- Private showroom, Athens
"Layers of time" 26/5-7/6 2022, Cultural center Rafina, Athens
"Narratives" 1-12/9, Art & Culture Center, Tinos, Cyclades

International Group exhibitions
"Okyalos"  7-15/7/21-Time of Art Gallery, Athens
"Art's birthplace Athina 2021" 9-14/9/21-Time of Art Gallery, Athens
"New Freedom Think" 24/3-3/4/22, M.a.d.s Gallery, Milan 


Group exhibitions
"Colors", 7-15/6/15 - Athens College of Greece
"Save the Art", 20-31/7/20 - Art Way showroom, Athens
"Dreams of the Aegean", 22-31/8/20 - Paros Cultural centre, Cyclades
"Art Gender Female", 19-26/3/22 - Artway, Athens
"White", 12-31/7/22 - ArtZone42 Gallery, Athens
"Thalassa", 14-27/8/2022, Adamandia Gallery, Andros, Cyclades


Publications & Interviews

Interview: "Independent.gr (online cultural magazine) -June 2022

Cover & editorial: "EN The magazine" - June 2022

"100 contemporary Greek artist", ArtWay, 2021

"Spotlight", Contemporary Art Magazine, summer 2021 edition.