Mixed media artist

Ifigenia Christodoulidou is an emerging Greek artist. Her signature painting style is textural abstraction and her primary medium is acrylic on canvas.

She is inspired by Wabi sabi,  a traditional Japanese philosophy,  appreciating  beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete",  in the words of art books a "flawed beauty".

 Her most characteristic work, influenced by this philosophy,  is the "Weathered walls" series, in which she tries to convey the beauty and sophistication of old, weathered walls,  with decaying finishes and rough textures, where layers of paint peel away to reveal older paint underneath, creating a beautiful contrast between the lighter and darker tones. 

She often also explores the world of mixed media art, using a layered, cumulative process of collaging, sanding and repainting techniques. In her works, used paper, old wallpaper, aged fabric and found objects blend harmoniously together with paint, creating a new, fascinating whole.