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Ifigenia Christodoulidou is a contemporary Greek artist. She studied painting for 6 years in "Corfu Art School" under the tutorship of M. Pieris, the renowned painter. She has had 5 solo exhibitions and has participated in three international and several group greek exhibitions.

Many of her artworks are in private greek and international collections.

She also holds an MSc in Work Psychology (UCL), a Diploma in Educational Psychology (UCL) and a degree in Psychology (NKUA). 



I know we’re not supposed to touch a painting, but this is exactly what I aim for...

I want the viewers to yearn to feel the rough, edgy surface of my paintings with their fingertips, to connect with them not only through the sense of sight, but through the sense of touch too.

And it is exactly the sense of touch –literally and metaphorically- that intrigues and inspires me.

...the touch of time in old, weathered doors and walls, where layers of paint peel away revealing older paint underneath, in vintage objects with decaying finishes and rough textures, in the rusty surface of old ships abandoned in shipyards…

...or when the touch of sea imparts a smooth round shape to edgy broken pieces of glass and patina to discarded pieces of metal...

All of these are old, imperfect, but yet beautiful and intriguing...

My goal is to evoke an emotional and thought-provoking response in the viewers of my art, making them see the “beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete” as the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi so wisely states.

Signature painting technique

In my painting practice I bring together a range of materials across the canvas, such as beach found rusty objects, crackle paste, acrylic paint, beach sand, paper and I use a combination of layering, distressing and blending techniques to build a fairly rough, deconstructed and multifaceted surface.


Exhibitions & Publications


Solo exhibitions

"Touch of the Sea" 22-23/12/2022, Civitel hotel, Athens, Greece

Narratives" 1-12/9/2022, Art & Culture Center, Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece
"Layers of time" 26/5-7/6 2022, Cultural center Rafina, Athens, Greece

"Time for change" 4-10/12/21- Private showroom, Athens, Greece

International Group exhibitions
"Okyalos"  7-15/7/21-Time of Art Gallery, Athens
"Art's birthplace Athina 2021" 9-14/9/21-Time of Art Gallery, Athens
"New Freedom Think" 24/3-3/4/22, M.a.d.s Gallery, Milan 


Group exhibitions
"Colors", 7-15/6/15 - Athens College of Greece
"Save the Art", 20-31/7/19
 - Art Way showroom, Athens
"Dreams of the Aegean", 22-31/8/20 - Paros Cultural centre, Cyclades
"Art Gender Female", 19-26/3/22 - Artway, Athens
"White", 12-31/7/22 - ArtZone42 Gallery, Athens
"Thalassa", 14-27/8/2022, Adamandia Gallery, Andros, Cyclades


Publications & Interviews

Interview: " (online cultural magazine) -June 2022

Cover & editorial: "EN The magazine" - June 2022

"100 contemporary Greek artist", ArtWay, 2021

"Spotlight", Contemporary Art Magazine, summer 2021 edition.

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