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Characterized by its warm earthy tones color palette and rich textures, this artwork is an original painting on deep canvas, featuring balancing stones.
This painting symbolizes resilience, harmony and balance. The simple act of stacking stones is meditative; it heightens present moment awareness and creates a transformative experience.

This multilayered artwork is constructed from different elements, such as beach sand, crackle paste, gesso and acrylic paint which blend harmoniously together, creating a unique composition of immense vitality that stimulates and inspires the viewer.



100x50x4 cm


❣The painting is more beautiful in reality, as photos cannot accurately render textures and colors' depth and contrast.
❣On stretched canvas, ready to hang
❣All sides painted. 

❣Signed and dated. 



Acrylic paint, crackle paste, gold leaf




"Resilience". | Large abstract textured painting| 2023 | 100x50 cm

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