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This painting’s expressive composition draws on various sources –weathered surfaces, city lights seen from afar, messages written on walls –giving rise to multiple readings.
It employs a wide range of materials, such as  dusty pink, gray & gold paint, crackle paste, charcoal  -the phrase "sei sempre stato tu" (it was always you) is written in charcoal in the lower left side- in tangled relation.

I blend these different elements with palette knives, brushes and my hands, superimposing them onto one another on canvas and overpainting them again and again. By applying force while I drag my tools across the canvas, I scrape away the top layers of paint to reveal layers underneath, thus generating a fairly rough and deconstructed multifaceted surface.



100x150x4 cm 


❣The painting is more beautiful in reality, as photos cannot accurately render textures and colors' depth and contrast.
❣On stretched canvas, ready to hang
❣All sides painted. 

❣Signed and dated. 



Acrylic paint, crackle paste, charkoal.




"Sei sempre stato tu" Extra large abstract contemporary painting highly textured

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