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"The journey within" | 80x60 cm |

32 x 24 inch | Acrylic on canvas 


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"The journey within"

Characterized by its rough rich textures this artwork features an abstract female body and the word "strength" written on the crackled surface. It symbolizes the process of self-growth, the journey to finding our true self and the importance of self-reliance. 
This unique multilayered composition of immense vitality is constructed from different elements (crackle paste, paint, charcoal) which blend harmoniously together, creating a contrasting and stimulating effect, that piques the viewers' interest and awakens their senses.



80x60x4 cm


❣The painting is more beautiful in reality, as photos cannot accurately render textures and colors' depth and contrast.
❣On stretched canvas, ready to hang
❣All sides painted. 

❣Signed and dated. 

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