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"Wabi Sabi"
New art collection 2024

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Similar to the Wabi Sabi Japanese philosophy which sees beauty in imperfection and holds a deep appreciation for simplicity, my art is inpired by the raw and unrefined nature of all things weathered, worn, torn, rusty, rough, gracefully aging with time. 

The beauty of imperfection 

wabi sabi original paintings.png

"Wabi Sabi"collection

A collection of paintings in a warm, earthy palette of beiges, blacks, browns and soft hues. The compositions are reduced into quite and simple organic forms.

Handmade natural paper, beach sand and found oxidized metal objects create a rough, deconstructed surface and rich textures, inviting touch.

"Touched by time"


A collection inspired by the patina of time in weathered walls, where layers of paint peel away revealing older paint underneath and by the hint of history in vintage objects' cracked textured surfaces.

wabi sabi textured painting female nude figure earthy tones.jpg

A glimpse of... 

Rusty and oxidized metal objects found in shipyards and old factories are often incorporated into the paintings


Industrial, rough, intentionally imperfect...



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